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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A little project we've been working on ;)

We're having a baby!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Anne Meintrup from Shutterly Amazing Portraits for the lovely  photo :)
 My mom's face when she found out she was going to be a grandma!
 My mother-in-law about to find out she's going to be grandma!
 We surprised our parents on Valentine's day with gifts to tell them we were having a baby!

 We found out groundhogs day that we were going to be mommy & daddy!  :)
 We got to hear our baby's heartbeat on leap day!  And we found out that our little one will arrive around Oct. 5th 2012.  We are already in love with our wiggly little gummy bear!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Some things never change :)

On 11-11-01 I was 13 years old and apparently I was a dreamer then like I am now...

I made a lock box for myself with things that were important to me and a list of 'goals' that I wanted to accomplish; some were silly - some were SO good!

I promised myself to not open the box for 10 years - and I kept that promise to myself even though I would occasionally find the box and be tempted to remember what I'd locked away.

And now ten years and a few months later - I want to share with you what THIS 13 year old me wanted to remember...

A bible to show my love for God.  My goal was to follow in his footsteps.  :)  I'm still amazed that as a 13 year old I was so, so, so right about at least one thing.
I included a photo of my brother (who I love and adore him for his patience for his undeniably annoying little sister).  This was to show the love for my family <3
A photo of my bestie - who is STILL my bestie after all these years (We have been through A LOT!)
I also made a list of things that were important to me.  A few of the things make me chuckle... "I would like my first kiss to be very special"  If any of you know me very well - you KNOW this crazy dream came true.... and sadly, no - it wasn't Garren.  Although that would have been even MORE special.  ;)

I also wrote I wanted to get married at 22.... WOW.  How did I even know when I would MEET the man of my dreams?!  I was married at 22 (in 2010) to my loving and wonderful husband Garren - the "G" of R&G :)

There were a lot of other things on this list - like who my current 'crush' was... I won't embarrass him by saying names or showing his photo - but it is pretty hilarious who we thing we'll wind up with when we are 13 years old!

I'm so thankful 10 years ago I set out to do something so neat - it was a lot of fun pulling out this old box and reminiscing.  I'll definitely encourage my kids to do the same someday :)