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Monday, January 23, 2012

Some things never change :)

On 11-11-01 I was 13 years old and apparently I was a dreamer then like I am now...

I made a lock box for myself with things that were important to me and a list of 'goals' that I wanted to accomplish; some were silly - some were SO good!

I promised myself to not open the box for 10 years - and I kept that promise to myself even though I would occasionally find the box and be tempted to remember what I'd locked away.

And now ten years and a few months later - I want to share with you what THIS 13 year old me wanted to remember...

A bible to show my love for God.  My goal was to follow in his footsteps.  :)  I'm still amazed that as a 13 year old I was so, so, so right about at least one thing.
I included a photo of my brother (who I love and adore him for his patience for his undeniably annoying little sister).  This was to show the love for my family <3
A photo of my bestie - who is STILL my bestie after all these years (We have been through A LOT!)
I also made a list of things that were important to me.  A few of the things make me chuckle... "I would like my first kiss to be very special"  If any of you know me very well - you KNOW this crazy dream came true.... and sadly, no - it wasn't Garren.  Although that would have been even MORE special.  ;)

I also wrote I wanted to get married at 22.... WOW.  How did I even know when I would MEET the man of my dreams?!  I was married at 22 (in 2010) to my loving and wonderful husband Garren - the "G" of R&G :)

There were a lot of other things on this list - like who my current 'crush' was... I won't embarrass him by saying names or showing his photo - but it is pretty hilarious who we thing we'll wind up with when we are 13 years old!

I'm so thankful 10 years ago I set out to do something so neat - it was a lot of fun pulling out this old box and reminiscing.  I'll definitely encourage my kids to do the same someday :)



  1. I am sooooo doing this with my kids on 12-12-12 we have almost a year to prepare!

  2. Such a good idea. I was never that thoughtful! Might have to do this with my kids too.

  3. :) Yes! 12-12-12 would be the PERFECT time to do one!

    I don't know how I came up with this idea... I think it had something to do with a conversation with my Dad about someone burying a lock box in the ground. I'll have to ask him if he remembers!

  4. This is really fabulous! I think I'll talk to my girls about doing one. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. I love this!!! I have something pretty similar that I did at 13 too and locked for ten years! (We're the same age it seems like as well, and married at the same age!) Mine also had a Bible!
    I'm pretty sure this means we should be friends =)

  6. No problem Regina! It was fun to share a little about 'little' me ;)

    Melissa Jean, no way?! That's so cool! Look me up on facebook :) I love new friends! When did you open your box? Or have you?

  7. What a fun idea! My girls might want to give this a go. My boy is probably too young to understand at 4 years old - though it might be fun for him to look back and see the things he loved at this age. :)

  8. My brother and I buried a "time capsule" in the yard at my parents' house when I was like 10 or 12 years old... maybe we should dig it up this summer??!?!

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