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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August is almost over!

I can't believe how time is flying!  We are the busiest we've ever been at R&G Photography (Praise God!) and I'm so excited about how far we've come and how much we've grown!  

This November we are going to celebrate our studio's ONE YEAR anniversary.  We are hoping to have a open house and invite clients and guests to view our studio - hopefully with all the redesigning complete - snack, take some photos, learn about photography - and get some free goodies, too! 

We are also planning a 1k giveaway for our Facebook fans!  We currently have just over 800 fans -  I can't believe how many people we've reached via Facebook.  Oh how I love social networking :)

On a personal note, my hubby and are are going to be celebrating our One Year Anniversary the 25th of September <3  WOW I can't believe it!  The year has been PACKED with amazing experiences & I'm so excited to see where our lives take us.

Thank you Jason and Aurelia Stratton for the lovely updated photo of us!   :)  I can't wait to get our METAL print from them!  We are looking into offering metal prints at our studio, too!  Such a neat and unique way to display photos!

Take care all and enjoy the last few weeks of swimming weather (if you're a fish like me!)


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learning OCF {Off Camera Flash}


It's scary and daunting to those who don't know how to control it - which was me not too long ago.  Putting a flash on my camera was about the extent of what I knew about using non-ambient light.  Now, though, I am confident that I could light just about ANY situation and make beautiful images for my clients.  I will continue to learn and perfect, but I am so thankful for the knowledge Bryan shared with me at our two day one-on-one workshop in Goshen, IN.

Here is a shot of Bryan during our first day of training, haha!  Love his expression!  He was ready for us to bring in someone different to shoot by the end of the day!

Here is an image using one off camera light with our gorgeous model, Kimberly.

And here is a shot using the techniques he taught me at our last wedding.

A special thank you to
Bryan Chris, of Bryan Chris Photography, for teaching me SO much in two short days (well longs days, but they FLEW BY!).  What he taught me will help me grow into a more reliable, creative, and unique photographer.  I am so thankful for his talent and for allowing me to soak up everything I could.  He not only taught me the basics of OCF, but also about editing, workflow, posing, and so much more.
Kim Chris, Byran's wife, for allowing him to be out incredibly late working with his hard working student (me!)
Christi Nelson of Rawsii Photography for guiding me to Bryan for his teachings and for helping us find such a wonderful model for practice
Kimberly Post, a friend Christi Nelson's, for modeling for us on such short notice
Rachel and Nate Howard for being wonderful hosts and allowing me to stay with them during my workshop

I'm hoping to post more on HOW we got these shots in the future - so keep an eye out for those posts!