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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mom, don't panic!

Mom, don't panic...

It's just a tattoo ;)
The design was sketched out by one of the artists at the shop.  I told him I wanted a 'girly Jesus fish' and this is what he came up with.  I love it!  The swirls make it look less tribal and manly, and I'm a huge fan of the fact that it's unique and special to me.  There is only one thing I love enough to have it tattooed on my wrist... my love of God!

I've wanted a tattoo for over 7 years... And I finally got mine during Garren & I's anniversary trip.  We stopped in Nashville, TN and there is this awesome Christian tattoo parlor on the main strip of the city!

Did it hurt?  Um, yes.  It definitely did.  I wouldn't rate the pain as high as I THOUGHT it would be, though... but at time it felt like tiny knifes slicing me.. ouuuwch!  Totally worth it, though.

I just wanted to share with you my little secret :)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You don't wake up awesome

I recently shared this photo comparison on my Facebook page

The photo on the left is from this year and the photo on the right is from two years ago - when I was finally figuring out that I loved photography enough to make it my career.  Notice how much my photography changed in just TWO years!

This got me thinking...

There are so many photographers out there right now trying to 'make it' and so often I hear people complain about other photographers work.  I will never, ever talk bad about other photographers.

Everyone starts somewhere and everyone grows at a different pace. 

We all have different styles, genres, reasons for doing what we do, and that's what makes each photographer unique and worth it. When you come to our studio, you'll notice we have a photo journalistic style with unique products we offer.  We have a smile on our face just as big as YOU do behind the camera, only we're not faking it!  We LOVE what we do - and THAT'S why we do it!

I will also say this, everyone who loves photography doesn't necessarily have to make it their career.  Any photographer out there who owns their own business would agree - it's no easy job. Breaking even is a goal (you know, making more money than we spend on equipment!)  Going from 'taking pictures' to being a 'business owner' is one of the most challenging things I have EVER done.  I love my job and I adore my clients, so for me - it's worth it!

Be positive, be strong!
Rachel xo